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About... After Dark

Our goal with Cinematic For The People was, originally, to focus on movies that were in the Public Domain.  And it's true, there's a LOT of movies in the Public Domain... but the more we looked into the movies that were out there, the more we'd find movies we really wanted to riff on, and which appeared to just sort of be... abandoned by their creators, for whatever reason.

Maybe it's a made-for-tv movie, a pilot for a series with a complicated rights ownership.  Maybe it's just... something that nobody ever figured out how to make money from it.  Maybe, like the movie itself, the creators just didn't care anymore.

Whatever the reason, whatever the rationale , whoever it is to blame, that is how these movies have come to be included in CFTP's catalog.  The After Dark subline is specifically dedicated to the cinematic equivilent of abandonware, hopefully finding new life and love through our lens.


This movie makes Spider Man: Turn Off The Dark look like a well-executed and competent adaptation that will be fondly remembered for generations to come.


When the ghost of a rock from space posesses a bulldozer, and people still try to use the bulldozer, the bulldozer starts killing people.  Seriously.


Ever wonder what would happen if you threw a movie and almost nobody showed up?  The loneliest, most British apocalypse is what happens.