After Dark: Rat Pfink a Boo Boo

WARNING: The first half of the movie starts with an assault and continues to be a disturbing stalker-thriller until the halfway point when it abandons that genre, as well as all common sense.

Some film makers develop a certain reputation. Spielberg and his mix of heart-wrenching history with tales of scifi/fantastic spectacle. Guillermo del Toro and his dark, haunted worlds of near-Lovecraftian horror and quirky characters. The same can be said of one Ray Dennis Steckler. Yes, *that* Ray Dennis Steckler. If you’re familiar with his works, you know the thing he’s known for is cheap incompetence at just about every level. And so with that, we bring you the following CFTP After Dark: Rat Pfink A Boo Boo. And we had to sit through this *twice* in one evening because the audio in the first attempt was messed up.

So, you’re welcome.

Released On:

March 23, 2019

Featured Riffers:

Jim, Mike, and Russ