CFTP Presents Final Fist

About... CFTP Presents

CFTP Presents was the original, main-line series of releases for Cinematic For The People, designed to emulate (to the best of our ability) a real actual Television Show, complete with seasons and episode numbers.

There were ongoing stories (sort of), host segments (kinda) and even a Christmas Special that saw nearly all of us meeting together in real life (sorry, Russ).

While CFTP has more-or-less evolved beyond the Presents series and now lives on as several new and less-rigidly-defined "series", Presents stood for what an actual CFTP television show might have been like and remains a staple of our back catalog.

CFTP Presents: Series 1

The first series of CFTP Presents saw a lot of... figuring ourselves out.  Editing style had not quite landed, graphics were still being worked out, and the less that can be said about the "Whistle" Theme Song, the better.

CFTP Versus

This was our first (unsuccessful) attempt at a Series Two.  There were a lot of formatting changes, a lot of new staff added, and a LOT of problems, so only a couple episodes were ultimately completed.

CFTP Presents: Series 2

This was originally something made to blow off steam while we worked on VS, it (in time) became our true Sophomore Season - with better graphics, better music, a less rigid structure and a more devil-may-care attitude.

CFTP Presents: Series 3

Our third - and final - official series.  Probably the best looking, graphically, of all the seasons, but multiple production (and real life) problems killed it early.