S1E07 - Atomic Rulers of the World

About The Movie

Aliens from the Emerald Planet send their chosen warrior, Starman, to Earth in order to try and prevent nuclear war, because somehow the radiation from our nuclear war would be enough to contaminate the universe (which is definitely not already full of much stronger radiation).

Starman has three powers - he can fly (through space), detect radiation, and speak/understand any language.  He's also incredibly strong and durable, but neither of those are listed as "powers" for him, despite him using them constantly, whereas "detect radiation" is functionally about as useful as "talk to fish".

On Earth, he takes on a human identity (signified by him wearing a hat) and helps the police and some children investigate the ongoing nuclear weapon plot, leading to a denouement where he just punches a ton of people.


About the Riffs

Starman, aka Super Giant, is basically Japanese Superman.  Emerald Planet, indestructible, super strong, tons of powers he can just pull out of his ass whenever he wants.  He originally featured in a series of 9 films that were too long to be considered a serial and too short to be considered a full movie, so to bring him to the US they edited them together into a series of four films.  This was the first of those films, and the only one to feature only human adversaries - later on, he'd be fighting aliens and abominations and magic and ghosts.

Really want to get around to riffing those later movies.

This film is also one of the ones that we did live at conventions, which led to an interesting CFTP "mythology gag" - during the sequence where they try to run Starman over with a car, I successfully led an entire crowd of people to chant (joyously) for the car to win.  Thus an ordinary big boxy car became Car, Champion for All.  Car was so beloved that he managed to sneak into almost all the thumbnails for Series 1.

Gamera Vs Jiger
Originally Released April 1965
Produced By Shintoho
Directed By Teruo Ishii
Starring Ken Utsui
CFTP Version Released On Aug 16, 2012
Length 78 Minutes
Riffers Jim, Mike, Russ

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