S1E09 - Curse of the Aztec Mummy

About The Movie

Dr. Krupp (aka The Bat - no not that one) escapes from the police and continues his pursuit of ancient Aztec Gold by trying to mind control a descendant or reincarnation of an ancient warrior princess into revealing the location of the tomb.

Dr. Krupp's perfect plan, however, did not take into account for two unknown factors however.  First is that his victim Flor Sepulveda's boyfriend's assistant is secretly The Angel (no, not that one either) a luchador crime fighter.  And second, that the tomb was guarded by an ancient Aztec Mummy, something he really ought to have known because he already encountered the mummy in the first movie.


About the Riffs

Much like with Gamera, we were not looking to re-riff any movies that MST3K had already done, but were instead looking for MST3K-adjacent movies to help set our tone and direction in these earlier days.  We were dimly aware that MST3K's Season 1 "The Robot vs The Aztec Mummy" was a sequel/part of a series, so we decided to have a go at a different film in the series, figuring that would be different enough.

We were wrong.

What we did not realize going into it - and part of that was on us for going into it mostly cold - is that all three movies in this series took advantage of one another by heavily featuring previous movies in flashback, meaning that a good chunk of this movie is just footage from the first movie, The Aztec Mummy, and that a lot of this movie would surface later in flashbacks, The Robot vs The Aztec Mummy.

As for the movie itself, I don't remember much - and you cannot force me to watch it again - but I do remember that there was a pit full of very expensive snakes that they worked really hard to repeatedly allude to but not actually show unless absolutely needed.  The Bat eventually gets thrown into the pit, almost completely off screen, and the mummy wanders off.

Curse of the Aztec Mummy
Originally Released 1957
Produced By Guillermo Calderón
Directed By Rafael Portillo
Starring Ramón Gay
Rosa Arenas
CFTP Version Released On Sep 20, 2012
Length 81 Minutes
Riffers Jim, Mike, Russ

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