S1E10 - The Fast and The Furious

About The Movie

Accused (but innocent) murderer Frank breaks out of jail (which IS illegal) and makes a run for the US/Mexico border.  After a few close calls with locals, he kidnaps Connie, a woman (gasp) racecar driver, and they immediately go from zero to Stockholm Syndrome and fall in love.

In an attempt to sneak across the border, they enter a race that heads into Mexico.  Connie's friend Faber is suspicious of Frank (rightly so), and after Frank locks Connie in a shed to keep her "innocent" in his escape, he enters the race alone with Faber in hot pursuit.  The pursuit is not the only kind of heat, though, as Connie starts a fire to get attention, nearly cooks herself alive, and also steals a car to chase after Frank.

Nearing the border, Faber crashes and Frank - ever the softie - stops to rescue him, allowing both Connie and the authorities to catch up to him.  As he and Connie reunite, he decides that yes, he will stand trial for the murder he didn't commit - and presumably all the crimes he's done since then, which he 100% did.


About the Riffs

This movie itself was uneventful, but has proven to be an absolute nightmare as time has gone on.  Due to the Vin Diesel-led popularity of the new Fast and Furious movies, even though this movie was made in the 1950s and stars Cathy Ireland's DAD, it has been constantly under assault by bots trying to pull it down.  We were originally making t-shirts and posters of our merch but hit a hard wall with this, where we would just explain to people over and over "this is for 1957's Fast and the Furious" and they would go "Fast and The Furious came out in 2001 and is owned by Paramount" and it honestly made me feel insane.

The Fast and The Furious
Originally Released 1957
Produced By Roger Corman
Directed By Edward Sampson
John Ireland
Starring John Ireland
Dorothy Malone
CFTP Version Released On Oct 14, 2012
Length 91 Minutes
Riffers Jim, Mike, Russ, Mark

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