S1E11 - Galaxy Invader

This movie has a lot of terrible people doing gross things, or at least trying to.

About The Movie

An alien crash lands in the backwoods of somewhere Appalachia-adjacent and is stalked by a bunch of drunk rednecks.  A teacher and some of the less-drunk rednecks attempt to rescue the alien and help it escape.


About the Riffs

This movie is arguably most famous for having a few minute's worth of footage stolen from it and used as the opening and end sequences in Pod People.

For some reason, perhaps in order to show just how destitute and drunk he was, the absolutely-not-the-hero main character Joe (played by Richard Ruxton) spends the entire movie in a torn plain white t-shirt.  It's torn before it starts, and it's torn when he dies.  Also Joe keeps phasing in and out of what felt to us like a decent Jimmy Stewart impressions.  It was probably accidental, but it was hilarious.

This movie is the origin for the running joke in later seasons that we - or at least Jim - is not allowed in West Virginia anymore, due to all the mean things that were said about West Virginia.  It never actually says the movie is even set in WV, and the movie itself was shot in and around Baltimore, MD.

Galaxy Invader
Originally Released April 1985
Produced By Don Dohler
Directed By Don Dohler
Starring Richard Ruxton
George Stover
CFTP Version Released On Oct-Nov 2012
Length 98 Minutes
Riffers Jim, Mike, Russ

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