S1E06 - Gamera Vs Jiger

About The Movie

It's Expo time again, and all eyes turn to Japan to see if they can make it through one highly prestigious international event without a giant monster attack (spoiler alert: they cannot).  One of the star attractions?  A statue from Easter Wester Island called the Devil's Whistle, which was keeping an ancient monster named Jiger trapped... until we removed it.  Nice job breaking it, idiots.

After a couple of rounds of battle, Jiger looks to have gotten the upper hand on everybody, melting tanks and planes with a heat ray and injecting Gamera with its ovipositor tail and laying baby Jiger eggs inside him, causing Gamera to turn white and fall over.

The fate of Gamera - and the world - rests on the shoulders of two young boys who - and I kid you not - steal a submarine and sail it inside Gamera's body so they can kill the parasitic egg and wake Gamera back up.


About the Riffs

So you remember how, for the last movie, I said we wanted to go in different directions than MST3K had done?  Yeah, forget all that, we did a Gamera movie next.  This is one of a couple that were never covered in the original run of MST3K, either the KTMA or main series (it would eventually be done as part of Season 13).  As a huge fan of Gamera, riffing this was a real treat.

The movie is dumb - a beautiful, wonderful, almost innocent kind of stupid that makes me really happy.  The premise is stupid, the characters do insane things, the children are actually listened to and save the day effortlessly (they've had practice at this point).  And the fights are wonderful, though I always forget that Gamera is a lot more hardcore than Godzilla was - lots of monster blood in this movie.

I have generally not tried to get too editorial with the movies themselves, but there was one scene that was really rough and we had to cut out/around.  I threw in a rickroll, because it was 2012 and had not been done to death at that point, and I stand by it.

Gamera Vs Jiger
Originally Released March 1970
Produced By Hidemasa Nagata
Directed By Noriaki Yuasa
Starring Tsutomu Takakuwa
Kelly Burris
CFTP Version Released On Aug 8, 2012
Length 91 Minutes
Riffers Jim, Mike, Jenny, Russ

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