S1E12 - The Guy With The Secret Kung Fu

About The Movie

A pair of young morons heroes bite off a challenge bigger than they can chew when they are conscripted to take on the Dragon Gang and all the various bosses, sub-bosses, wizards, and demon zombies therein.


About the Riffs

I get the distinct feeling that this movie was probably supposed to be a comedy, but the humor either was lost in translation (as often happens) or - more likely - it was just not a very funny comedy.  It's still a decent martial arts film, with a surprising amount of coffin-based martial arts (or, as Joe Bob Briggs would put it, Coffin Fu).

The big zombie demon guy is also fairly unique in martial arts films because he's much closer to the Western concept of a zombie (especially the pre-Romero shambling obedient reanimated corpse variety) and not a Jiangshi (the Chinese "hopping" vampire/zombie).  It might have to do with the fact that this is a Taiwanese kung fu movie and not a Chinese one, or it might just be because they had a giant guy that they could use as a monster and were like "let's not have him hop".

The Guy With The Secret Kung Fu
Originally Released 1981
Produced By Tan Siu-lin, C.P. Keung
Directed By Joe Law
Starring Ming Fei, Sally Chen
CFTP Version Released On Nov 22, 2012
Length 102 Minutes
Riffers Jim, Mike, Russ, Mark

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