S1E02 - Sisters of Death

About The Movie

During a sorority initiation revolving around playing Russian Roulette with a 2-shot derringer, one of the new inductees is (unsurprisingly) killed.

Now, years later, someone has contacted all the former sorority members and invited them to a luxury ranch in the middle of nowhere for a weekend of fun by the pool and absolutely no murders whatsoever, we promise.

Aided (sort of) by a couple of lowlife jerks who gave one of them a ride, can the girls get to the bottom of the mystery of who's killing them all off one by one?


About the Riffs

This is another really, really rough riff that did not age well at all.  Video quality is bad, sound is bad, movie is bad, riffs are not terribly funny.  The one thing that did really stick with us - and is shown proudly in Russ's excellent poster work for this movie - is that the boom mic is in almost all the shots.

YouTube recently decided someone owns this, even though I'm not sure why anybody would want to claim it, so we've just moved our main hosting for it over to Odysee.

This is another movie we later revisited for our "Rewind" series.

S1E02 - SoD
Sisters of Death
Originally Released August 1977
Produced By Gary L. Messenger
Gustaf Unger
Starring Arthur Franz
Claudia Jennings
CFTP Version Released On June 1, 2012
Length 87 Minutes
Riffers Jim, Russ, Mike

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