S1E03 - The War of The Robots

About The Movie

An alien race facing extinction kidnaps a geneticist and sets loose a swarm of solid gold dancers silver robots to delay Earth's attempts to rescue him.

Along the way they encounter a oiled up guy who's supposed to be an alien and learn valuable lessons about love and friendship and how much Star Wars intellectual property you can steal before you get in trouble.

About the Riffs

This is the first episode where it really felt like we started knowing what the heck we were doing.  We even managed to get Jenny's webcam working, something we had not been able to do during the first episode she 'appeared' in.   First use of the "Command Prompt" opening, something I am still a huge fan of, it let me slip a ton of fun jokes in as blink-and-you-miss-them extras.

There were some... technical difficulties editing this one.  Mainly, I do not think that the version we riffed is the same one that it wound up paired up with in the final edit.  The timing was all over the place, I had to keep chopping our riffs up into little pieces and shuffling them around to make them match up with the movie.  There's also a couple of chunks of movie where there's just no riffing at all, which is why partway through the movie the CFTP systems go "offline" for a bit.

S1E03 - WotR
The War of The Robots
Originally Released 1978 (probably)
Directed By Alfonso Brescia
Starring Antonio Sabato Sr.
Yanti Somer
CFTP Version Released On July 4, 2012
Length 103 Minutes
Riffers Jim, Russ, Mike, Jenny

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