S1E08 - The Werewolf Vs The Vampire Woman

About The Movie

Famous international werewolf Waldemar Daninsky is brought back for another movie after a coroner removes the silver bullets he was shot with.  He then eats a few people and returns to his castle to sulk.

Meanwhile, two attractive and edible maidens (Genevieve and Elvira) just happen to be in the vicinity of his castle  looking for a vampire's tomb, because of course they are.  They happen to run into our dashing lupine hero, who invites them to stay at his castle while they do their completely ordinary normal hobby of trying to wake up a vampire countess.

They inevitably find and accidentally resurrect Countess Wandessa, who then spends most of the movie dancing in the woods in slow motion and turning other women into her thralls, including Genevieve.  Wally - can we call him Wally?  No, ok, Waldemar turns into a wolfman again to battle the count, managing to put her back in the grave hopefully for keeps this time, and Elvira - who now loves Waldo - ends his curse and misery by stabbing him in the heart with a silver cross, which will keep him dead (until the next movie).


About the Riffs

This movie is DARK.  And I don't mean in tone, I mean in lighting.  I've heard of "day for night" shooting, where they shoot scenes in the day and then darken them to make it look like night, but this movie appears to have been shot in "night for even darker night".

We were only dimly aware at the time that this was a sequel to something else, let alone the fifth in a long-running series of movies starring the same guy as the same werewolf character.  We would eventually revisit the franchise in Series 3 with Dracula vs. Frankenstein.

The Werewolf Vs The Vampire Woman
Originally Released 1972
Produced By Salvadore Romero
Directed By León Klimovsky
Starring Paul Naschy
CFTP Version Released On Aug 25, 2012
Length 93 Minutes
Riffers Jim, Mike, Russ

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