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Presents: Series 2

Frustrated at how long Versus was taking and having a strong desire to get back to our core competency and reason we were all there - RIFFING - what ultimately became our actual Series 2 started as a rebuke of the stricter, more structured, more show-like format and was mainly just us goofing off.

Realizing that this was what we really wanted to do, the original series was scrapped (renamed Versus) and this became the one true Series 2.

Series 2 also saw some changing faces.  We lost S1 regular Mark, along with all the VS people we had brought on, but about half way through we gained a permanent addition to the team in the form of Bronwyn



After finding one bizarre, highly radioactive mutant octopus deep in the wilds of Mexico, scientists and a carnival owner go looking for - and find - more.


The Monolith Monsters

When a rare space rock lands in the desert, it quickly starts growing and spreading out of control, turning the situation into "Rocks fall, everybody dies - THE MOVIE"


Monster From A Prehistoric Planet

Our obligatory kaiju film of the season sees scientists discovering (stealing) a huge egg (a giant monster baby) and taking it back to civilization, which causes consequences when the parents arrive.


Planet Outlaws

This is a movie that has lived multiple times - first as the original 1939 Buck Rogers serial, then again in 1953 when it was edited down and compressed into a single non-stop action movie with low/no continuity.


The Revenge of Doctor X

This movie has no Doctor X, and the doctor it does have isn't trying to get revenge on anybody.  It does have a plant monster that eats a dog though, so...


Star Odyssey

Remember S1's "The War of The Robots"?  This is a sequel.

I mean, it's not - technically - it just uses all the same actors and sets and props and special effects.


The Clones of Bruce Lee

Following the death of Bruce Lee, there were a lot of "clones" of Bruce Lee, but this movie takes it to the next level by having the "clones" play real actual clones.


Black Cobra

You know what would make 1987's Cobra even better?  If instead of Stallone, we got a retired football player and made the entire thing in Italy.  But that's it, otherwise, it's the exact same movie.


The Yesterday Machine

A Nazi scientist has built a time machine to try and change the outcome of the US Civil War.  But before he actually does that, he's going to explain it.  At length.


She Gods of Shark Reef

Made at the same time as another better Roger Corman movie, this movie tells the tale of how Roger Corman was able to make a second movie essentially for free.


Colossus And The Amazon Queen

Who doesn't love a good old-fashioned Deep Hurting-inducing sword and sandal movie, complete with stereotypes that ought to be offensive to somebody (though I'm not sure who)


Sister Street Fighter

A spin-off of the much more famous Street Fighter series of movies, a sister kicks and punches drug dealers on the way to recover her captured brother.


Dead Men Walk

A tale of two twin brothers - one really nice, the other a vampire or something.  This movie is so dry DVDs of it could replace silica gel packs.


Space Transformer

For a movie title that's only two words long, every single one of them is a damn dirty lie.  Almost none of the movie is in space, and there are zero transformers.