S2E02 - Monolith Monsters

This episode is part of the "Too Hot For YouTube" Collection, meaning it has to be hosted... elsewhere.  The site we have chosen to host these is Odysee, which is... sketchy as heck, but they don't ask questions.

Originally part of our Series 2 offerings, this movie was pulled from YouTube after a few years. It still stands as one of our favorites, featuring the most menacing rocks to ever not actually do anything, and yet still kill a lot of people. CFTP riffs “The Monolith Monsters”, a classic horror movie about murderous inanimate stones “hunting” the people of a small town. We feel safe to say that this movie… rocks.

The Monolith Monsters
Released On Jan 22, 2014
Length 79 Minutes
Riffers Jim, Russ, Mark, Mike, Lauren

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Series 2

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