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Presents: Series 3

Series 3 aimed to take the best parts of Series 2 as well as some more of the overall lore building elements from the failed VS project and create a hybrid that was, functionally, the best of what we had to offer.

Unfortunately, real life still was not done with us yet, resulting in massive gaps in between episodes, multiple failed cancelled/episodes, and ultimately the end of the Presents line as a whole.


Warning From Space

A friendly aliens starfish transforms into a woman and tries to warn humans of an impending disaster in space, but we don't listen and nearly all die.


Horror Express

Arguably one of the best movies we've ever watched, Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee are trapped on a train with a caveman possessed by a formless extraterrestrial entity.


Dracula Vs Frankenstein

The werewolf Waldemar Daninsky (from Werewolf vs Vampire Woman) is back, this time battling against aliens resurrecting various other horror monsters to take over the world


The Abe Lincoln of Ninth Avenue

It's Goofus and Galant meet The Newsies with just a sprinkle of A Christmas Carol.

  Abe Lincoln does not appear.


The Incredible Petrified World

A bunch of divers get trapped in an underwater cave with an old perv and an active volcano, both of which are about ready to blow


Assassin of Youth

You don't need another Reefer Madness.  We have a perfectly good Reefer Madness at home that we ordered off Wish.


Destroy All Planets

Masao and Jim have found another child-sized submarine and get into more Gamera-related peril, this time at the hands of aliens here to steal our Nitrogen


The Beach Girls and The Monster

A perfectly servicable beach party movie with surfing, music, and intruige is occasionally interrupted by a giant fish man.