CFTP "Versus"


CFTP Versus is the legacy term applied to a series of episodes that were our original attempt at a second season.  Building off our MST3K-inspired origns, "Season 2" saw the team being sold off to an evil medical corporation, HypoChondriCo, who gave them access to newer and better movies in exchange for participation in their various medical trails.

In order to enact this much more ambitious plan, new talent brought on board to serve as riffers and HypoChondriCo staff, new graphics were created, and scripted content (especially for the host segments) were attempted

Unfortunately, none of that really... worked.  We lost all the new cast (and Mark) due to various real-life obligations, multiple recording sessions were lost due to technical difficulties, and everything generally just sort of stopped working.

Fortunately, we did learn a lot of important lessons from the VS period of CFTP.  We got a lot better at various behind the scenes things, refocused much more on having fun, and we gained the long-term love/hate relationship with our eternal sponsor/torturer, HypoChondriCo.


Don't Open Till Christmas

In a very special episode of CFTP, the gang all gathers at Mike's house for Christmas while also hosting a movie about Santas and Killers.


Invasion of the Bee Girls

Will Smith (no, not that one) stars as a doughy white guy who is investigating a series of suspicious deaths and falls into the midst of a conspiracy of radioactive sex murderers.


The Impossible Kid

So, like... (takes a bong hit)... what if James Bond was, the size of a toddler?  But, like, he's still really good at murder AND sex.  Got any doritos?


The Werewolf of Washington

(Lost Episode) Dean Stockwell stars as a press secretary for the president who gets bit by and starts turning into a werewolf, which is only slightly worse than being a press secretary.


Zontar: The Thing From Venus

(Lost Episode) An alien intelligence hitches a ride on a satellite back to earth, where it starts taking people over using flying lobsters.  A perfectly normal Tuesday.


Swan Lake

(Live Event Only) Not sure if this really counts or not, but it's got to go somewhere.  During the "VS" period, we riffed this movie a few times at anime conventions.